Gawsworth Hall

We weren’t sure what to do today as Richard was working and then some friends mentioned they were going to a car show at Gawsworth Hall…so we tagged along!  We met at the club and drove there together.  There are horses at the club and so we said hello to them while everyone was arriving….

It was lovely and sunny but very very windy so quite cold!  We saw mini’s of course…..

….armoured vehicles!!!

…and gorgeous campervans…

That green one was our friends wedding car…we see it all the time and always take a photo with it!!  They have also bought their own campervan which the kids all had a great time playing in!!

One day we will have our own camper..not that I like camping…but we could drive to solid accommodation in it!!!!!

We also had a look at some Austin’s…and I took a photo of Austin with an Austin!!!

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