Party gatecrashers!

This weekend Caitlin had 3 party invites, 2 were in soft play’s so I took the boys along as well so that Richard could get on with the utility room!!

I didn’t manage to get any photo’s of Caitlin as she was too busy in the party room but I got a couple of funny ones of Austin!!

…he spent ages playing here, having a great time!!

I had to go and help Caitlin as she was refusing to eat because she didn’t know which food was ok for her to eat!  When I got there she was right there was only carrot sticks and cucumber sticks she could have, everything else had milk in…pizza, cheese butties, cheesy crisps….  Amazingly they had dairy free ice-cream!  Something they really should advertise better!!  I have been there a few times and had no idea they did that, in fact I don’t know of any soft play (or other attraction) that does dairy free ice-cream.


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  1. I have found that many of the newer play areas now make home made food and drinks and they cater for certain dietary needs which I think is wonderful. You are right though, they do need to advertise this more as I am sure they would attract a much wider audience.

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