Royal Wedding and the street party

This morning we got up and got dressing into our red, white and blue clothes (and red and blue nails!) ready to watch the Royal Wedding!

I was a bit concerned because Noah and Caitlin both thought they were actually going to the wedding in London!  Also Noah was convinced that Kate would grow wings when she turned into a princess!!!

We started watching and Caitlin was very confused as to whether it was actually happening right now and how they got into the tele!  She then became quite concerned about why the police had guns!  It was non-stop questions throughout the whole service….what car is that, how many exhausts does it have, why is the back completely glass…from Noah!  And who is that, where’s Williams mum…from Caitlin!

Noah as usual came out with some very funny statements…when Kate paused at the top of the aisle…he asked if she was in the queue to get married!

After the service we went around the corner to the road behind us that was having a street party… was fantastic, we had a great day! 

There was loads for the kids to do… making….

…bouncy castle and decorate a biscuit….

…face painting (Noah asked for a mini with an exhaust!)


…flags to wave….

…Austin joined some other little ones painting the wall with water….

The highlight for Noah was getting to play football with the bigger boys….

They all played all day and had a fantastic time.  We ended up staying quite late….

…until they were so worn out they couldn’t play anymore!!


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