Royal Wedding build up

Caitlin and Noah’s schools were both celebrating the Royal Wedding….  Caitlin had to make a hat over the Easter holidays which she loved doing….

…and they had to wear it during their street party lunch.  Caitlin’s best friend won the hat competition!

Noah’s school had to dress up in a wedding outfit, so I made him a union jack waistcoat!!

And in the morning he was going to a nearby school who were having a street parade to watch.  I volunteered to help out walking them all to the parade.  I’m not sure if I should be flattered that they think I’m really capable or if they were trying to scare me off from future trips!  A few other mum’s helped and they had 2 children to look after, I had to take Austin in the pram but I still had 3 nursery children to look after….and one of those was on her first day!!!!  Anyway we walked to the parade and made it just in time which was good as it meant no waiting around for it.

The kids had all made St Georges flags and had a fantastic time waving them as the parade went past.  Although I think Noah was a bit disappointed as I think he thought he was going to London!!!


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