Rhyl – day 4

Today was our last full day on holiday and there was a scavenger hunt so we joined in.  We got given a list of things to beg, borrow or steal so we worked as one team and set off looking for them.  One thing on the list was a straw and we were right next to the cafe so we sent the kids in to ask for a straw.  They’d been gone a while so I went to check on them and the woman behind the counter wasn’t giving them a straw so I asked if they could have one.  The woman asked me what I needed it for….so I explained about the scavenger hunt….she still wasn’t going to give us one when Cathy (Noah’s best friend!) came in and EVENTUALLY the woman gave us a straw!!!!!  Unbelievable!  Anyway we got everything apart from a golf ball off the list but another team got the golf ball so we didn’t win.

After the scavenger hunt was the sports day so we stayed for that too….  Noah managed to win everything in his age category…..

Austin kept running in front of everyone so I put him in the pram which he didn’t like…Cathy took pity on him and opened a special category just for him….

Noah being the protective big brother blocked Cathy (who was racing against Austin) when he thought she wasn’t going to let him win!!!  After all of the running around we went to pizza hut for our lunch and then came back for some more swimming!  Maybe not such a great idea after a massive buffet lunch so we didn’t stay in for long.  It was then back to the van to get ready for our final disco….best party outfits at the ready!!!!

At the disco there were certificates for the sports day winners…..

Then there was more dancing before Noah said goodbye to Cathy who he had charmed to death throughout the week!!!!


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