Rhyl – day 3

When we got up this morning the weather was looking a bit overcast so we decided today would be a good day to test out the swimming pool.  I was a bit apprehensive at first since I had all 3 of them almost on my own (the other 2 adults both had 2 kids of their own!) so I put arm bands on them all!  The pool was split into 2 halves with the shallow end roped off from the deeper end.  We hadn’t been in long when Noah wanted to take his armbands off so he could dive so I let him.  Caitlin wanted to keep hers on which meant she was really safe and Austin wouldn’t let go of me! 

 After a while Caitlin wanted to go in the deep end and the lifeguard asked her if she could swim a width, she said yes so he waved her in.  Caitlin being a stickler for the rules wanted to prove she could swim a width and refused to get in the deep end until she had shown the lifeguard!  Eventually he agreed to let her prove it and she swam a width…even then she still wouldn’t go swimming in the deep end until he had shown that he watched her swim and given her permission!!!  I told him she needed permission and so he shouted over that she was a good swimmer and she could go in the deep end.  Austin got a bit braver and did some jumping in!

After swimming we had lunch in the holiday park….quite dubious quality but very cheap!!  Then they played in the soft play area and outside on the play ground.  We then went back to the vans and played charades….

…before getting changed into party clothes ready for the disco!

At the disco there was a colouring competition and the kids had to draw a picture of their favourite part of the holiday and then colour it in.  Noah decided he was going to draw Cathy the woman who was running the disco and then he wrote to Cathy love Noah and covered it in kisses!!!!!!!!!!!  Needless to say Noah was one of the winners of the colouring competition!!!

After the colouring it was dancing time and the kids had a great time dancing with each other….

….we were really lucky again and almost had the dance floor to ourselves a lot of the time….

…there was just enough people to make it fun but no problems getting a good table etc…

Tonight the tiredness must have been catching up because Caitlin fell asleep on 2 stools, Noah in the pram and Austin on my knee!  We managed to get them to walk back and into bed but it was still after 10pm!!!

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