Rhyl – day 2

Despite the late night they were all up by about 7.30am and we went over to T’s van for breakfast.  The weather was looking ok…a bit windy but dry and a bit of sun sneaking through, so we decided we’d best do something outside and save the swimming and indoor activities incase it rained.  We decided to walk into the town and check out the beach.  It was quite a long walk to the beach but just about ok.  As we got closer to the front it got more and more windy….

…but we were all wrapped up warm and the kids were desperate to go on the beach so we braved it for a short while…

It wasn’t long before we were freezing so we went back for some dinner!  After dinner it was still sunny so we went for a scoot around the lake outside the caravan park.

They all scooted super fast so we were around in no time and went back to test out the playground (kids) and a drink (adults!)

Then it was time to get changed into the party outfits and hit the disco!!!  Noah got talking to the lady running the disco and she asked him his name and age…which he told her…then he asked her how old she was……

There was a hoola hooping competition so the kids entered….

Noah managed to sweet talk Cathy into a place in the semi finals along with Caitlin and Katie.  Austin had a try but he didn’t make the semi’s….

Katie made the finals…she was amazing, but was beaten by the older kids…as in 4 or 5 years older than her!!  Again they all lasted until after 10pm when we all went to bed.  This time Noah and Caitlin shared the bunk room and I got the double to myself.


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