Rhyl…here we come!!!! – Day 1

It’s holiday time!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Last year me and a friend were discussing how the men didn’t have enough holidays and decided that we’d have a holiday together while we left the men at home!  Another friend joined us and we got a cheapy holiday to Rhyl for £80 per family!  So there were 3 mum’s and 7 kids. 

We went in Elvis and I managed to fit….a pram, travel cot & bedding, 2 scooters, a pack of nappies, 5 towels, bag of cars, bag of dolls, 5 spare pairs of shoes, 5 coats, a bag of food, toiletries, 2 lunch boxes, (big daft) camera bag, 3 dressing gowns, 12 pairs of  jeans/trousers/skirts, 2 dresses, 21 tops, 7 jumpers, underwear, 4 swimming costumes, a changing bag, 3 sets of armbands & baby float seat, 3 loo rolls and 3 metres of fabric!!!!!
Oh still room for me & the 3 kids & their teddies!!

I even impressed myself with how well all the things we were taking fitted in…..

On the way there is a really big fabric shop so we (just me and my 3!) stopped off (hence the 3 metres of fabric in our packing!).  We had a look around got some bargains (and added another 5m of fabric to our load) and Noah discussed the stuffed owl on the rafters in detail with the woman behind the counter!!!!  He was fascinated by it….was it alive before it was stuffed…how did it die…etc!!  We then had a play in their playground….

…then it was time to head to our caravan!!  I arrived at the same time as T so we took one van each and went to unload the cars.  Gemma had to work in the morning so she arrived a bit later and we had a chippy tea.  The kids got changed into their party outfits and we went to test out the tacky disco!

The kids had a brilliant time dancing away.  Not surprisingly Noah was the first to drop at about 9pm – he fell asleep in the pram.  The others starting flagging just after 10 so we went back to the vans where we all went to bed.  Caitlin got to share a bedroom (or cupboard given how small they were!) with Abi which she was very pleased about.  I shared with Noah in a double bed and Austin’s travel cot just about fitted in the open wardrobe!!!!!!


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