A very poor tooth fairy pillow

Well the tooth fairy worked late into the night trying to cobble together a bag but after quite a few attempts all that was possible was a very basic drawstring bag made of slightly sparkly purple fabric.

In my head I had planned to make a beautiful pillow with a pocket for the tooth/money.  I had an embroidered or appliqued fairy and tooth and Caitlin’s name!  With less time than I’d hoped I decided to try for a bag or pillow with Caitlin’s name embroidered on….  I kept getting to Cai and then the thread snapped or the thin fabric got chewed up.  After 4 attempts I decided embroidery was out until I’d had more practice.  So I went for a plain bag….even that I managed to make a mess of the first one…but finally I had a very simple bag and exchanged the tooth for a £1 and a book all about the tooth fairy which I had bought ages ago.

When Caitlin woke up she was very impressed with the sparkly bag and her money!  Although she is saving her money for the moment as she can’t think what to spend it on.  Noah suggested sweets but Caitlin said the tooth fairy wouldn’t like her buying sweets which I suppose is true!!!


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