Smugglers Cove

It was time for the annual mini trip to Wales and this year we went to a converted chapel called Smugglers Cove…

The house was owned by the same people who own the boat yard between the house and the beach so the house kind of had its own beach which was about 200m from the house.  We wandered down to the beach to explore and Richard pointed out an engine buried on the beach…and wondered what it was out of.  I had a look and realised it was a whole mini that was buried!!!!!!!

Given it was on the beach of the house we were in I thought that was a bit of a big coincidence!  It had obviously been buried for ages and basically the top had rotted off!  A few people dug down and all the bits under the pebbles and sand were still there!  Very odd.

On the Saturday we went out for a drive….

…over a really cool rickety bridge…

I love weird little bridges and toll crossings!  We then went for a wander around the town, went for a drink and drove back.

On the Sunday we had to set off for home early for a very special show………

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  1. how weird that there was a buried mini. Wonder if that’s why you guys ended up there. You’re mini beacon was homing in on it! Did you have fun?

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