A fish and a monkey

While we were away in Wales Nanny was busy running back and forth sorting Caitlin’s dance show out.  She had 3 two hour long shows, a class practice and a dress rehearsal!  We came back a bit early from Wales to see the final show.  We took Noah along with us as I thought he’d like to see Caitlin perform.  Her first dance was a monkey dance which was great, then there were a few other classes performing during which Noah decided to start talking!  Caitlin had been told she had to have her hair in a bun and obviously Noah had heard us talking about that.  So he said in a fairly loud voice during a pretty quiet bit of a dance….”when they turn around I can see their buns”.  I nearly killed myself laughing!!!!!

Then Caitlin did a fish dance….

The costumes were amazing!!!  I have no idea who made them all but they were fantastic.  I was amazed by the whole show…. 

Caitlin’s dance school seems a lot more relaxed than the others, there is a uniform but it seems quite relaxed, just a set leotard which doesn’t seem compulsory and any ballet and tap shoes.  Hair has to be tied back but not in a bun normally…so I assumed when they said they were doing a show it would be a very informal thing at the church where the lessons are.  It was a massive event in Stockport Theatre with 3 shows and amazing costumes.  I’ve offered to help out next year so I hope I get to.


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