Party time

Caitlin has been to a few birthday parties recently.  One was a joint party which is an idea that seems to be going down well in their class…I’m going to try to do a joint party for Caitlin with one of the others so that we can share the stress and the cost.

The joint party was a fancy dress party which the girls all loved and Caitlin went as a princess (of course).

They had hired an inflatable slide which the kids loved and had a fantastic time going around and around.  Later that week they had another party with a magician who had them all mesmerised!  They all loved it and Caitlin got to wear her new dress which she chose as her present for doing well at swimming and having a good parents evening.

….it spins!!!!!!!


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  1. I love it! Es has been to sooo many parties- she just loves it.

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