Goodbye playgroup

I have been going to a playgroup on a Thursday afternoon since Caitlin was about 6 months old.  It’s a great little playgroup, quite small with a crafty table, an outdoor area, a ball pool, a sit down snack time and songs at the end.  I started out taking Caitlin, then Caitlin and Noah…then Caitlin went to nursery and so I just took Noah, then Noah and Austin and now just Austin.  Today was the last session; it is subsidised by a government scheme which is being cut and so the playgroup has to finish.

The playground is attached to the school next door and Austin and his friends were fascinated by the girls practising a cheer leading routine!!

It’ll seem very strange to have Thursdays free after 5 years….


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  1. How sad that the group is closing. Has anyone else been in the group as long as you?

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