Out for tea!

Noah has seen Caitlin go to her friend E’s house for tea and E come to ours and has been desperate to go somewhere for tea or have someone for tea for ages!  With Richards shifts it takes quite a bit of planning to arrange to have someone over and with all the building work (our kids are used to tools being around…and bits and bobs not finished but I worry about others getting curious and hurt!) so I’ve been avoiding it!  Someone invited Noah over to theirs so he was beside himself with excitement!!!  The little boy who invited him is very quiet and reminds me a lot of Caitlin at his age so I think Noah’s confidence is good for him and he is a great calming influence on Noah.

So Noah went for tea and had a great time.  He had cheesy pasta which is his current favourite and biscuits!!!  When I collected him I tried to arrange a visit to our house and the earliest we could do (as in he could do anytime…) was MAY!!  So he is booked in for May!  I so so so hope Noah gets into Caitlin’s school.  I am really worried he won’t as they have changed the rules and siblings are no longer first in the priority which is great for all those only children out there but a completely impossible situation for anyone with more than one child..ah well fingers crossed!!


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