Go, go, go….

It was nice and sunny this afternoon so we decided to go to the park and try riding bikes with no stabilizers.  Noah has been asking to try this for ages, but with the house and bad weather we’ve not got around to it.  Caitlin and Noah rode to the park and then we took Noah’s stabilizers off.  Richard held his bike while he got going then let go and off he went!!  And then he stopped perfectly without falling off.

It took him a couple of attempts to figure out how to get himself going but once he had it sussed he was off….

We tried to get Caitlin to have a turn with no stabilizers but she refused saying she liked her stabilizers….

Then Noah suddenly decided he needed his stabilizers back on…even though he hadn’t fallen off and was doing amazingly…

Caitlin then decided to teach Austin to ride her bike….which he loved!!

Meanwhile Noah had decided he could ride his bike and set off at super speeds….tearing around corners!!!!!  He did really well and didn’t fall off but the speeds he was getting to I’m sure a massive crash is on the way….  And here is a video of him right at the start of his learning, I should have got one once he had mastered it but I didn’t!


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