It’s not comic relief it’s red nose day!

Today was comic relief as I kept calling it…and kept getting corrected to red nose day by Caitlin!  Noah’s school didn’t seem to be doing anything for it, but Caitlin was allowed to dress up in return for a £1 donation.  They were told they could come in fancy dress, wear their pj’s or wear their clothes back to front.  I forgot to take my camera and I really wish I had…the juniors really went to town.  They had amazing costumes…sumo’s, bananas!!, red wigs, boys dressed up as girls…they were great.  Caitlin had dressed up as a princess…no surprise there!!  Complete with tiara…but I forgot to get a picture.

After school she went to swimming still dressed as a princess and they did brilliantly again!  Straight after swimming she got dressed up in her party outfit for the red nose day disco.  Richard was working late so I wasn’t sure if I would be allowed to stay and watch since I had Noah and Austin…but the head said it was ok to stay so I paid for a ticket for them both.  Austin was terrified of the noise, but Noah had a great time dancing away with Caitlin….

This time I remembered the camera but my battery went dead after the above picture!!!!!!  About 5 minutes before the end Austin decided he wasn’t scared of the disco and joined in a bit.


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