Party time and an outing for Caitlin

This weekend was Caitlin’s best friends birthday party and Noah managed to wangle himself an invite!  She was having a tumble tots party which they all loved.  There were balancing beams, ladders, slides and foam things to climb all over.  After playing on the gym equipment and doing a few games they all got a lunch box.  E’s mum had made Caitlin a special one with no milk in, it even had milk free cake and chocolate lollies in…Caitlin was very impressed, and so was I.

On the Sunday E invited Caitlin out for the day with her.  She was going to Eureka for her birthday outing.  Caitlin had a great time, it ages since we’ve been there, she loved the working mouth and the body section where they both got to measure their bodies.


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  1. Look how long her hair is! Love the lunch box idea.

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