Grandad has been desperate to take Noah to see a football match and the Liverpool youth team were playing so he decided to take him, it just happened to be on the same day that Caitlin was out with E so it was perfect timing.  I’m not sure what he thought he was going to at first, he kept asking if he was going to get a trophy.  When I said no he then asked if Grandad would get a trophy.  I tried to explain he wasn’t playing football, just watching…and then I explained Grandad also wasn’t playing football!!

Nanny and Grandad came over to collect Noah and were going to take Austin out for the day too, but Austin was sick so he couldn’t go (no painting for us – well one of us!)  Nanny had bought Noah a new Liverpool hat so he looked the part…..

Noah took my camera and took a few photos of the game but no-one took a photo of him at the game just the one above taken afterwards.  Noah’s photo’s of the match were quite good, it’s just a shame that the youth team didn’t win….

When they got home Noah watched the rugby on the tele and he has now decided he wants to go and watch that.  I think he had a good time at the football and is looking forward to going again, although he’ll have to rely on Grandad since our house is fairly football free!!


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