Ready steady SWIM!!!!!


Today was Caitlin’s 5th swimming lesson with Graham and today he decided to get tough with them.  Usually he takes one person’s shark fin off at a time, but today he must have thought they would all be ok and took everyone’s away.  Noah is always exhausted when he gets to swimming and quite often falls asleep on the way there.  Out of the group Noah is the youngest probably by a good year and so he is the weakest in the class so Graham stuck by him the most.  They all set off and Caitlin managed to swim almost the entire length of the pool (which is 17m long) completely unassisted!!  I couldn’t believe it!  With their old lessons they still haven’t even tried to take one stroke, with Graham he always gets them trying and usually Caitlin does manage a fair few metres but today Graham just didn’t offer her any help and it worked she just kept swimming and swimming and only stopped when she spotted some toys on the side and forgot to keep swimming!  Noah also does a bit of swimming each week but today he also swum the furthest he has done so far (today was lesson number 7 for him as Caitlin went to a party one week and was sick the next)….he made it about 6 metres completely alone.  Graham then made them all swim back with no fin’s before giving them a bit of a break and putting bands on and swimming on their backs.

They were both completely exhausted after swimming but very very pleased with themselves, so we stopped off on the way home for a little treat!

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  1. Yay Caitlin! So glad she’s finally making progress. I’m really really hoping our swimming lessons at Total Fitness are just as successful.

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