Parents evening for Caitlin

Tonight was parents evening for Caitlin, but Richard was working so I went on my own.  It was 25 minutes after school ended so we just waited in the playground for most of it while they all played with the other kids still hanging around.  It’s really nice at Caitlin’s school as all the classes seem to mix with each other.  Caitlin knows most of the other kids names even the juniors, and if it’s sunny they all play together until the parents insist on going home.

Anyway we eventually went in a bit early and Caitlin showed me her tray of work that she has been doing throughout the year.  It was nice to see what she has been up to…loads of writing and making up sentences….not always understandable but you can tell she has had a go completely on her own.  I then went over to see her teachers, and the teacher from the start of the week said “oh Caitlin, good a nice easy one to talk about”…which I took as a good sign that she’s doing ok and is no trouble!  They both said she is doing well with her reading and maths and that her hand writing is fantastic…(she has got very neat writing!)  They said she gets on really well with everyone and has settled in very well.  She is very creative and generally doing great.  They did say she sometimes talks too much!!!  I think they meant this as a slight negative, but given Caitlin used to refuse point-blank to speak to strangers or in a crowd I am taking this as a good thing that her confidence has really improved!!

So all in all a good report from her teachers!!


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  1. How funny that she’s now a chatter box! It’s good that she’s coming out of her shell a bit. We have our parent’s evening on Wed- hope it goes as well.

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