Carpet down….

This morning the carpet arrived for the loft room and so this afternoon I made a start on moving things up there.  I moved the chest of drawers and was amazed by how easy they were to get up the stairs, so inspired by that I decided to have a go at moving our super kingsized bed up there!  It’s from ikea so dismantles a fair bit and again was easy to get up there so I even had time to reassemble the frame.  After school I tried getting the mattress up and just about managed so the room was functional!  Richard was at work so I just hoped he’d figure out where everything was when he got home late that night!! 

Amazingly the bed fits right into the eaves!  We assumed it would only go back as far as the purling which would mean the room was tiny, but our bed is quite low and the fact that behind the purling is left open means there is room to sit up even with it that far back!  It makes the room look massive and a million times better than I imagined!  At the end of the bed is a huge open space….

…and on the stairs side there is room for a lovely table (not got yet!!) where I can put my sewing machine.  I think I might get a table that opens out so I can use the space at the end if needed and fold it up out of the way when finished with (ha ha like that will’ll probably constantly have half-finished projects on it!!)

So all in all it’s worked out great!  Now onto our old room so that Caitlin can move in there!!



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2 responses to “Carpet down….

  1. Yay! I bet you’re so happy that’s over and done with! Room looks fab and plenty of headroom for the bed.

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