Robot Rosie

This afternoon I went into Caitlin’s school to help her build a robot.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go as I had Austin and Richard was at work but her teacher said it would be fine.  I managed to time it just right and Austin slept almost  the whole time.  So we made a robot out of old boxes…Caitlin then decided that her robot needed some shoes and so stuck yogurt pots on her feet (the robot’s not her own!) which then made the other girl in her group put some on hers.  We then covered it in pva and kitchen roll to help hold it together.  We had a great afternoon and it was lovely to go into school and kind of see what goes on!  Tomorrow is painting day which Richard is going to since it’s in the morning, then I am back on Thursday to decorate her!

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  1. It’s so much fun going in to help them do that sort of thing! I went in a few weeks ago to help make a fire engine. They were learning about safety/999 and all the kids chose something to make. It’s now sitting in her playroom- she loves it!

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