A corridor for Oompa Loompa’s

Finally the builders have turned up to do the final few fiddly jobs….sanding some wooden edges, varnishing the doors, reinstating our alarm etc…  It has taken them weeks to come and do these and today they finally varnished the last door, although they do still have to come back next week to add the intumescent strips to the doors but that should only take an hour or so!

We are pretty pleased with the end result…there are a few bits that could have been done better like the plastering but on the whole we like it.  There is one part that I hate!!  We asked them to build cupboards into the eaves, but we didn’t really go into a lot of detail for the design…big mistake!!  I think they have done a terrible job..I think if you look at that side of the room it looks like a corridor for Oompa Loompa’s!!!

Apparently when they were building them they were making for maximum access into the eaves…which I know is really practical…but it just looks like a row of office doors…but half height…like a corridor for Oompa Loompa’s!  I was expecting more wall and less doors.  We also wanted them further back into the eaves, which we did specify..well I said behind the plug socket, and they are behind the pug socket but by such a small amount that you can’t actually use the plug socket!!!!!  So we are stuck with them….our Oompa Loompa corridor….

So with the builders almost gone the kids went on a weekend away to Nanny and Grandad’s and we got painting!  We managed to get it all painted over the weekend and have booked the carpet to be fitted in the week.  We’ve not painted the cupboard doors as we can’t decide what to do with them…make them the size we had imagined (big job) or paint them white and hope they blend in and look a little bit less office door like!


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2 responses to “A corridor for Oompa Loompa’s

  1. Vic

    Oh the doors make great hiding places for hide and seek though!!

    I would wait a bit and see if you get used to them??? How annoying though!


  2. no way I’d redo them but then again I’m lazy like that! Paint them white and hope they blend would be my thing. The extra storage is good but not being able to use the plug kind of blows.

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