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Austin is now 20.5 months old and this week he has discovered how to jump!  He can’t get very high yet but he gets both feet off the ground!! 

His speech isn’t great but he can say mini and a few other important words (yogurt, no, yes, hello, thankyou, seeya etc!!)  He can hold a pen perfectly and scribbles away.  He loves to copy Caitlin and Noah…..and he runs around after them mimicking what they do.

Austin has also decided that he’d like to go to nursery with Noah and scream the place down when I drag him away!!!!  He carries Noah’s book bag for him and insists on putting it in the box himself.  It’s a while until he goes so I hope he understands that soon!!!!!


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A bit of water….

A while back the bridge right by our house flooded and I took Caitlin and Noah to see it.  Ever since they have been asking to go paddling if it happened again….well it did so off we went for a paddle!

Noah was the bravest (or most stupid!!) and he just waded straight in!  Caitlin cautiously followed behind….

They both had a brilliant time though and we were there for over half an hour!!!

Apparently this flood is a common thing that happens every time there is really heavy rain…and we seem to be getting really heavy rain more often now!  Although Caitlin and Noah had a great time splashing in the biggest puddle we’ve ever seen it’s a real pain because if you are driving it means a 2 mile detour to get home!!!

Once we were done it was home and time for a very long shower as they were filthy!!!!!!!!

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The loft!

10 and a half weeks ago (but 7 and a half working weeks due to Christmas and ice/snow) work started on our loft conversion!  It feels like a lot longer ago than that!!!!!  It’s coming on but feels very slow!! 

This is the en suite wall…..

The roof and windows are done…..although the windows really annoy me!

Those black strips aren’t tape to show glass is in there…it is a metal strip which apparently is compulsory since we live in a conservation area….and is in all conservation grade velux windows!!!!!  It will just catch the dirt and just looks like they forgot to take the tape off!!  I hope any extremely low flying aircraft appreciate it because they are the only ones who will actually be able to see it!!!!!!!!!!

The room itself is now plastered and floored with just the fitting and tiling of the en suite and final fix electrics and plumbing to go.  They then moved onto the plastering of the underneath of the new stairs which run above the old stairs.  It is basically a curved ceiling which are apparently hard to do and ours was almost done when it decided to give way and so wet plaster was everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The plasterers did a pathetic attempt to clean up and the ran for the hills not to be seen again until Monday…nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a funny photo of Noah retrieving wood for our fire from the skip outside!!!!!!!!

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