Caitlin the Rosebud

Richard saw an advert in the paper for a carnival rosebud and I thought it was something Caitlin would love!  We’ve been to a few carnivals, mainly in countryside locations, and Caitlin always says she wants to be a carnival princess.  We went along to the selection process and I soon realised carnivals in the city were a bit tacky!  The other applicants were a bit chavvy!!  During the selection there was an interview…with a panel of 4 judges!!!!!!  Bit over the top for a 5 year old rosebud potential!!  A few of the other applicants had high heels on and very fancy dresses…you get the picture…so I assumed Caitlin had no chance and was a bit relieved!  It turned out that everyone was a winner!!!!!!  Caitlin got a sash and a trophy and almost went to bed with the trophy she was over the moon!!  We then had to go to the secretary’s house to collect her dress.

When I pulled up at the lady’s house….errrrmmmm…lets just say it was obvious which one was hers…..and when we went in even Caitlin was amazed!!  She had about 50 “amazing” dresses!!!!  There was another new rosebud there for her dress collection and her mum commented that the dress they had her daughter try on was a bit “my big fat gypsy wedding-esq”…she was right…it was…a lot of them were!  I had been thinking it but didn’t have the cheek to say it!  So we left with the plainest dress that Caitlin fitted, along with fake flowers, tiara and corsage!  I’m slightly sceptical about our carnival career…but Caitlin can’t wait!  I just hope I’m allowed to take photos because I can see a few spectacular (password protected) posts following our big fat gypsy/toddlers and tiaras journey!!!!!!!!!


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  1. OMG you’re so funny! Please take lots of picture, want to see Caitlin in her BFGW/T&T finery!

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