Noah turns 4

Today Noah turned 4!!  He has been super excited about his birthday for weeks!!  Caitlin gets excited but in a really calm way…maybe a bit of jumping for a few minutes but then back to just smiling again. Noah gets properly excited…counting the days down and constantly asking is it his birthday (or whatever other exciting event it is) yet.

On the morning of his birthday I let him choose what he wanted to do.  He said he wanted to go out for dinner…to McDonalds!!  We don’t have a McDonalds by us anymore so we went to the Trafford Centre and while they were eating their dinner they saw spongebob squarepants walk past!  Once we were done we went looking for him but he was on a break, so we went for a wander to a couple of shops while we waited.  We passed a bungee trampoline thing which they wanted to go on so we did….

Unfortunately Caitlin got the better assistant and she got loads longer than Noah which he was a bit upset about, she must have got about twice as long!  But they both enjoyed it….

On our way back to find Spongebob I spotted krispy kreme donuts and asked if they wanted to go there…

I think they were a bit much for them as Austin refused to even try his, Caitlin ate about half and Noah ate about 3 bites!!!  They did insist on each other tasting their one…..

After that we went back to find Spongebob, but we’d missed him again…..Richard was due home soon so we gave up and headed home to do presents!!!!!!


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  1. Oh that jumpy trampoline looks like so much fun. Will have to try it with Squidge.

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