Birthday tea

After our morning at the Trafford Centre we opened presents with Daddy….

It’s really weird..I thought he would be begging to open presents all morning but he didn’t ask once!  I think he was more pre-occupied with being 4 and closer in age to Caitlin again!!!  He got cars, books, t-shirts and some mini storage boxes from us;  lego from Nan;  dressing up and science putty from Alex; money from a few other people and more cars from Caitlin and Austin!!

For tea on Noah’s birthday we went to our local pub for a meal with Nanny, Grandad, Amy and Tina.  Noah sat in the birthday chair!!!

We had tea and then went home for cake and more presents!!! 

…where he got more cars and clothes.  We then had a cake, but I couldn’t find our candles so he just had to have 1!!!

It was then almost 10pm so he went off to bed very chuffed to be 4 and very tired!!


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