The party and the dislocated elbow!!!

After the trauma of Caitlin’s party I swore I was never ever doing it again!!!  But as Noah’s birthday approached I started to feel guilty, especially when he got invited to parties for the other kids in his class….so I priced up entertainers since the entertainment was the traumatic part of Caitlin’s, but I just couldn’t justify the price of them especially not since we are currently about to have to pay the balance on our loft.  I was really tempted by the spider and animal man who went to the party of a boy in Caitlin’s class…..  I then considered a room with just a bouncy castle but I started have flashbacks to Caitlin’s party (and I worried about injuries!!) and decided to have a small party in a soft play!  It was great…and stress free….well apart from Austin managing to dislocate his elbow!

I actually hate soft play parties…I feel like they are a real cop out, but they do sort everything out for you and since our house is still not fit for visitors it was the only option if I wanted to keep it small, so he was allowed to chose 10 friends from his class (and Caitlin!) 

On the morning of the party i’d got dressed and Noah said to me…”you don’t look very smart!”  I then asked if I could still come to the party and he said “I suppose so”…charming!!

But the soft play was really good, they crowned Noah as the party king and made a real fuss of him.

They also played some party games with them….

They had to do the actions to the dance and then sit down when the music stopped.  Caitlin was concentrating so hard on the actions she forgot about sitting down and so was instantly out which upset her a bit!

He had a car cake (which looks very similar to last years…)

…and they sorted out the candles that I forgot!!

So they took care of it all and it would have been completely stress free…if Austin hadn’t managed to dislocate his elbow about 5 minutes into the party!  He kept going into the ball pool, but he hates it in there and kept wanting out…so we kept pulling him out and then his arm clicked!!  He was hysterical and holding his arm!!  We waited a while but he wasn’t stopping crying….  He is always bumping his head or falling over sometimes quite hard and he always stops crying almost straight away…but this time he didn’t…so I sent him off to A&E with Richard!  After a very long 3 hour wait he saw a doctor who twisted his arm around and popped it back into place and he was instantly ok.  It’s really weird he is using his arm completely normally again already as well!!  I hadn’t included him in the party numbers since I figured he was a bit too young to join in anyway and so had only paid to get him in but when I came to pay the bill they had deducted that as he’s left pretty much straight away so I was really pleased with that.

When we finally got home after we had collected Austin and Richard from A&E Noah decided to throw up all over the pavement….good of him to wait to get out of the car!!  And he has been throwing up ever since!  Good job I hadn’t made any plans for half term yet!!  But I hope he is better for his family party on Tuesday!!!


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  1. that is an awesome chair! Glad Austin is better- pretty scary how easy things like that happen.

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