Wibble wobble…

Today I noticed Caitlin has a wobbly tooth.  She doesn’t seem old enough to be losing her teeth and she actually looked a bit concerned, but came around to the idea once she remembered about the tooth fairy!  A few people in her class at school have already lost some teeth so I suppose it’s about right!

I’m a bit gutted though as I had planned to make her a lovely personalised tooth fairy pillow with my new machine which I can’t really unpack until the building work is done.  I might have to just do a simple version if I can find any of my crafty things….although thats not a simple task since they are in Austins room along with a lot of other things!!

It mustn’t be hurting her either since she hadn’t even noticed it herself….  I should have guessed really, a while back a friend said her little boys teeth had all spread out a bit just before he lost one.  Caitlin’s teeth are already a bit gappy but they did look even more gappy recently.  I’m pretty sure there is enough room for the new ones with all that space!!


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