A day of ballet

A friend found a ballet exhibition which looked great so we all went along.  We had to go fairly late as Caitlin had her ballet lesson first…her ballet lesson takes over the whole of Saturdays as its slap bang in the middle of it!

There were displays of the costumes and videos of the ballet shows which the kids loved dancing along to….

….and there were also costumes for them to try on and dance around in!  Noah had a great time dressing up in the tutu’s…I think he has a secret ambition to be a princess!!!

There was no photography allowed and I got told off for taking these so that was the best I could do especially since I forgot my proper camera!! 

We also got an I spy pack and tried to do the I spy activity but the telescope was pretty poor and even we couldn’t spy the things we were supposed to see never mind the kids so we gave up on that fairly quickly!  Afterwards there was just about time for a quick drink then it was hometime.


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