A hectic evening

Today was a mad evening!  We had too many invites to things and so I decided we’d try to do them all.  Caitlin had a party invite so she had to miss swimming but since Richard was on earlies he took Noah (and Austin) to the lesson.  Noah did really well and got the swimmer of the week sticker!!

Caitlin got dressed up in her twizeling out dress and sparkly shoes and we went to the party.  They had an entertainer who played lots of games with them all and she had a brilliant time.

They got millions of prizes sometimes 4 or 5 in each game!!!

We did wonder how the entertainer made any profit the number of prizes she gave out (and the fact that quite a few kids were just helping themselves all the time) but while they were having party food she went through their bags and rationed the prizes to about 6 each….still a good amount of prizes each but some kids noticed that a particular prize they had chosen was missing!!

It was a joint party and the mum of the girl had made Caitlin a special little plate of food with no milk which was great.  Caitlin was then ok to have one cake which she put her own “candles” in!!!  (tiny chipstick crisps in her fairy cake incase it’s too small to see!!)

After the party me and Caitlin walked up to her school for a family fun night.  It was a quiz and some games mainly aimed at the kids.  We did very very badly!!  It was questions from the curriculums off each year at school but since we’re only up to reception we didn’t know most of the answers….me and Richard obviously aren’t smarter than a 10 year old – or whatever that program is!!  There were also lots of questions about kids tv and we obviously don’t watch enough tele because we failed on that round too!!!!!!!  But Caitlin and Noah had a great time….

Straight after that I got changed in the car and went out with some of the mums from Noah’s school!!!!!!!!!!


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