Austin is now 20.5 months old and this week he has discovered how to jump!  He can’t get very high yet but he gets both feet off the ground!! 

His speech isn’t great but he can say mini and a few other important words (yogurt, no, yes, hello, thankyou, seeya etc!!)  He can hold a pen perfectly and scribbles away.  He loves to copy Caitlin and Noah…..and he runs around after them mimicking what they do.

Austin has also decided that he’d like to go to nursery with Noah and scream the place down when I drag him away!!!!  He carries Noah’s book bag for him and insists on putting it in the box himself.  It’s a while until he goes so I hope he understands that soon!!!!!

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  1. Happy 20 .5 months Austin , he sounds like the perfect little brother. Cannot beleive how old he is though

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