A bit of water….

A while back the bridge right by our house flooded and I took Caitlin and Noah to see it.  Ever since they have been asking to go paddling if it happened again….well it did so off we went for a paddle!

Noah was the bravest (or most stupid!!) and he just waded straight in!  Caitlin cautiously followed behind….

They both had a brilliant time though and we were there for over half an hour!!!

Apparently this flood is a common thing that happens every time there is really heavy rain…and we seem to be getting really heavy rain more often now!  Although Caitlin and Noah had a great time splashing in the biggest puddle we’ve ever seen it’s a real pain because if you are driving it means a 2 mile detour to get home!!!

Once we were done it was home and time for a very long shower as they were filthy!!!!!!!!


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