Balloons for the aliens

At the beginning of this week we arrived to school to find an alien spaceship wreckage in the playground!!!  Aliens must have landed over the weekend!!!!!!!!!!

The parents were given a letter explaining it was for writing week and the hoax would be revealed later in the day so to keep it a surprise!  I then saw one mother reading the entire letter to her daughter and friends….what a killjoy!  The first sentence said it was a surprise and not to reveal to the children!!!!!!!  When I returned with my camera at pick up it had been moved to inside the hall…so no photo of the wreckage!

Throughout the week they did various alien related activities and the older ones did lots of writing about it.  Caitlin read alien stories, made alien models and drew a picture of an alien which was her message to be attached to a balloon.  On Friday there was a balloon release…..

…they are all hoping their balloon gets discovered by an alien!  The furthest travelled balloon wins a prize!

It was quite windy so they got a good start!!!  I’m not sure when the deadline for returned messages is but fingers crossed Caitlin wins!!

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  1. LOL that sounds like so much fun- well except for the idiot mum who read the letter out to her kids!

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