Christmas presents

Since the weather is cold and we’re not doing much to write about here are some things from last year that were for Christmas so I couldn’t write about them then!

Back in October Caitlin had her first official school photo.  I didn’t have high hopes as the one she had done in pre-school looked like someone had a gun to her head trying to make her smile!  They got the proof back and it was quite small so hard to tell what it was really like but it looked ok so we bought the email version with the rights to print as many as we wanted so we decided to send some to family for Christmas.

I think the choice of background colour is very odd for the uniform colour and I would have liked her to be sat so you could see the school logo on her jumper, but she’s smiling quite nicely and doesn’t look scared to death!!

Another of our Christmas presents for family was an ornament made by Caitlin and Noah.  We made the pine cone skiers in 2009 and this year we made button reindeer…..

We started these back in January and made the 10 needed throughout the year.

I got the idea from another blog but I can’t remember which one!!  Since we seem to have started a tradition of ornaments I need to get thinking about what to make for next year (any ideas welcome!!)



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2 responses to “Christmas presents

  1. The picture is really nice. Es’ is not nice. She’s looking over her shoulder in a really cheesy way. I might take my own and pretend it’s the school one. Is that bad?

  2. Mancais

    I like it but agree about the school logo.

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