Caitlin and Noah are getting nowhere with their swimming.  They go every week and all that happens is they splash their faces…then they take it in turns to be towed backwards across the pool and back again..then the next person gets towed….then for the last 5 minutes they jump in from the side.  At the beginning they wouldn’t jump in as they were too scared but now they are much more confident and will happily jump in.  We have booked a holiday in the summer half term (we are still hoping you’ll join us Nan!!!!!) and in the past we have always been really safe because they both just sit on the side and wait for us to come and get them.  Now they are really confident getting in the water but have never even tried to swim so are now a complete danger!!  Their current lessons claim to be teaching them to have a perfect swimming technique which is great if they turn out to have a real talent and progress to the team but for the majority they just need to learn to swim.  A friend of ours is a teacher but we didn’t send them to him just incase it interfered with our friendship…..but after speaking to him about how they should have progressed so far he was amazed they’ve not even tried to swim yet!!!   Even the kids in the next group up (and the group up from that) spend all their time floating backwards and forwards too!!  So we decided to give it a try and send them to Graham!

On lesson one he put a flotation band thing around their waist and got them in the pool with the others in the class, although the others had a small flat thing attached.  He made them try to swim the full length of the pool with the float on which they kind of managed with a bit of help from him.  They then did star floats still with their bands on and then chased a ball each along the pool.  They then swapped to using noodles (long foam sticks which they kind of leant on) and again swam the length of the pool.  Then he got them to jump in from the half way along the pool length, which they were great at, and swim completely unaided back to the end of the pool.  They didn’t manage that bit but they both did a fair few strokes on their own before he had to help them.  They were both exhausted after the lesson…mind you it was the most energetic lesson they’d ever had!

This week was lesson 2 and it was the same again except they managed a bit more swimming before help was needed and they moved onto shark fins rather than full on flotation bands.  Strangely Noah was doing loads better at the other lessons possibly because he was braver?  But Caitlin seems to be doing slightly better at these lessons….maybe because she already knows Graham and has done ever since she can remember and so she really trusts him.  She quite often used to cry at the other lessons but now you can just see her grinning as she paddles her way down the pool.  Graham is pretty expensive but I think it’ll work out about the same cost maybe even cheaper in the long run as he’ll actually get them swimming in far less lessons (hopefully before June 5th!)!!!!!

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  1. That’s the same problem we had w/ Esme at the Manchester Aquatic centre! It’s the reason we stopped going. I have her on the waiting list for the term starting after Easter at Total Fitness. I’m glad I decided to do this especially now that I’ve read your post! Makes me think they’re all the same- crap- and that Cheadle Pool would be the same.

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