Church parade

Part of Rainbows is the church parades that they hold every month or so.  So far they have been on weekends when we’ve been busy so Caitlin hasn’t been able to go, but this month we were free so she went along.  Noah of course wanted to go too so I said we could although he’d have to sit at the back with me.  We arrived quite early (as usual for us) and Caitlin got chosen to help carry the Rainbows flag.

She also went up to light a candle.  It was a Christingle service which meant everyone got an orange decorated with sweets and a candle.  I remember going to a Christingle service when I was a brownie and the girl a few places along from me set fire to the girl in front of her!!!  She has wild bushy curly hair and the other girl burnt a big patch out of the back!!  There were no events like that but the man behind us did drop his candle and his wife nearly killed him!

Noah spent most of the service asking me questions….”what is that wooden thing with a line down and a line across?” (the cross!! Struggled answering that one without getting too involved)……”why are there Christmas trees over there?” (I had no idea…confused me too!)…..”which ones are the beavers?” (he asked this one regularly…he was fascinated by them!)…and on it went with him firing questions!  At the end we signed his name up for beavers.


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