For Christmas we got a family present of a wii!!  It is so funny watching the kids on it.  There is a running game where you have to jog along behind your cat (why you’d be going jogging with your cat I don’t know!!) you have to keep a steady pace and not overtake the cat.  Noah gets really carried away and runs miles ahead of his cat, Caitlin is great at it and jogs along just behind it.  Austin copies Noah and runs frantically for a few minutes then just stops, then starts again!!

You can’t really get it properly from just a photo..I’ll have to do a video!  What is especially funny is if one of them is playing…the other 2 run along behind them!!!  Same if they are doing a leaning game…they all lean with them!  They are loving it though and are getting much better at the games that need a bit more control over the controllers.


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2 responses to “Wii!!!

  1. Looks like fun. We’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Wii but we’re not video game people so I keep thinking it’ll be a waste. You’d recommend it?

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