The rest of Christmas…..

On boxing day morning I went downstairs with Noah…..he walked into the living room and in his best over excited voice shouted ” He’s been again…..but this time he’s unwrapped them all for us…how cool is that!!!!!!”  Only Noah!!  I explained they were the same presents as yesterday and it was him who had unwrapped them!!!!!  We then had a lazy day playing with the presents and not even getting out of pj’s!!!!!!!!  We had our own Christmas dinner later on which was good too.

I had already had a pretty bad cough for a few weeks and on the Monday it got worse…or since I finally had chance to stop rushing around everywhere maybe I just realised I was worse than I thought!  Elvis had also died when his exhaust fell off so I was not feeling well and with no car!  Richard was still at work and we’d only really made one arrangement for the week so I cancelled it and the kids went back to Nanny’s for a couple of days in the hope I’d get better.  I’m never ill so I felt really bad for cancelling our plans but I just couldn’t face taking all of them out on the bus in the rain. 

The kids were due back and I still didn’t feel any better so I went to the doctors and she gave me anti-biotics…for maybe the first time in my life…definitely the first time in over 20 years!!!!!!!

We did venture out on New years eve to a friend’s house which was really nice, but I still wasn’t 100%.  On New years day Caitlin went to play at her best friends house which she loved.  When I collected her E’s mum said “Thankyou for letting us have her for the afternoon”.  When I got thinking about that and how disappointed the girl we let down earlier in the week was…I realised how lucky Caitlin Noah and Austin are.  They have played together really nicely all over Christmas..they always do.  There were very few arguments…they all love each other and get on so well, they have all the friends they need on tap all the time.  They love their other friends too but over Christmas when we stayed in the whole time they had a great time just together.  I always thought Austin might be a bit left out since Caitlin and Noah have always been so close but he just joined in with them and they looked after him too.

Finally after 5 weeks of being not right I’m starting to feel better but I still have a horrible cough…fingers crossed I don’t have a relapse now my antibiotics are finished!!!!


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  1. They are very very lucky- it makes me sad thinking that Es is an only. Oh well at least we have wonderful friends!

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