The afternoon

After the chaos of Christmas morning we set off for Nanny and Grandad’s house.  When we got there it was time for presents from Nanny, Grandad and Amy…..and everyone had a huge pile!  Noah got cars and a garage in his pile….

Caitlin had dressing up outfits, stickers and Betty Spaghetti dolls!!!

Austin got a piano that you stand on to get it to play and a dinosaur….

….he completely LOVES his dinosaur…it roars at you…and Austin roars back!!!!!!!

There was time for a quick drink then the rest of my family arrived.  This year there were 17 to dinner….

…I’m not sure which of those is making Caitlin laugh!  After dinner and pudding is present time!  I haven’t got any photo’s of that because it’s pretty impossible to get a photo of the chaos as 17 people all exchange presents all at once in a normal sized living room!!!!!!!  This year Austin loved it….last year he found it all too overwhelming!  They got tonnes more presents and so did me and Richard!!  Soon it was time to go home and straight to bed for the kids!!


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  1. sounds like total chaotic fun!

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