Christmas day

Sometime during the night………….

Father Christmas arrived and delivered lots of presents!!!!!!!!!  He also filled everyone’s stockings on the ends of their beds!  Normally Austin is the alarm clock in our house, but today the excitement must have got to Noah because he got up first…and not too early either!  At about 7am we heard Noah shouting…”it’s not flat any more…my stocking isn’t flat”.  In the 5 seconds it took us to go into their room Noah’s was once again flat and the contents all over the floor!  Austin, amazingly was still asleep so we went and woke him up so he could join in!  Noah had found the sweets in his stocking and has tucked in, Austin was pretty quick behind him!!

Both Caitlin and Noah said he’s brought everything we asked for…after they had opened the stockings even though all they had in were some sweets, an electric toothbrush and bubble bath…with beads for Caitlin’s and a car for Noah’s and Austin’s!!!  We then convinced them to go downstairs incase there was anything else……

Caitlin and Noah both totally get Christmas this year, Caitlin was excited but she is a bit calmer than Noah…whereas Noah was excited and screamed it from the rooftops!!!!!!  He was the first to make it downstairs and stood shouting Caitlin to hurry up because there were loads more presents!!!!!!! 

He was right…downstairs there were loads more presents…scooters for Caitlin and Noah and a tunnel for Austin! 

…also the camper van bed Noah had asked for and the twizeling out dress and felt tips that Caitlin wanted and lots of bits and bobs!!!  Noah’s excitement rubbed off on Austin and he was really excited although I’m not sure he knew why!!!

After they had opened their presents from Father Christmas we opened presents from friends and Richards family, and me and Richard got to open ours!  I got lots and lots of presents the best one being a fantastic new sewing machine.  Unfortunately since the loft conversion is about to get very dusty and messy I’m keeping it boxed up until the dust settles!!!  We then got dressed and headed off to Liverpool for our Christmas dinner!


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  1. Did Noah love his bed?? We’ll have to go scootering with the kids sometime. Es loves her scooter- more than her bike I think!

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