We’re ready!!!!!!!!

We went for a bath and then when we got out…Father Christmas had dropped off a little present for everyone!!!!!!!  Noah was amazed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Although he was a bit concerned Father Christmas hadn’t left me one!!  Inside the presents were new pj’s ready to wear for bed!

Caitlin got a nightie which she was quite excited about as she’s never had a nightie before!  It’s even a twizely out nightie!!!!!!!!!!!!  Trying to get a photo was almost impossible…the faces they pull when I get my camera out are terrible!!!!  I’m sure Austin is pulling a Noah face!!!!

Then it was time for bed.  And if Father Christmas is kind to Noah…well he did eat his tea nice a quickly for him tonight…this might be the last time he has to sleep in a bed tucked underneath Caitlin’s bed!

Well maybe not the last time since we will surely have to build it!!!  But almost the last time!

So Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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2 responses to “We’re ready!!!!!!!!

  1. Mancais

    They look adorable

  2. Love the jammies! Hope xmas was good for all.

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