Parties 2 and 3….

Today Austin had a party in the morning and then another in the afternoon!  In the morning you had to take your own present labelled for Father Christmas to give your child…sounds odd but great idea as you get what you want and you can spend as much or as little as you like and it made the party ticket a bit cheaper…just £1.50 towards the food!  The food at this party was loads better too…sandwiches, crisps, cakes and some veg.

There was also the visit from Father Christmas…and Austin obviously isn’t getting any less scared the more times he sees him as he screamed and screamed!!  He was very impressed with his present of 2 tractors though!

…but everytime he turned around and saw Father Christmas still there he started crying again!!

There was just time for a quick sleep and it was off to his final party.  There is no Father Christmas at this party but he kept looking around expecting him!  They had more party food and then a play in the balls….

…and then instead of Father Christmas this playgroup always has a group of children from the school opposite who dress as elves and fairies to give out the presents!  Austin was fascinated by the elf who looked just like him!!!!!

He was a much bigger success than all the Father Christmas’s we’ve seen!!!


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