Richard took a few days off work to use up his holidays and go and see Caitlin’s nativity on Monday, so today we went out with Austin!  We decided to go to the museum of science and industry.  Xperiment has been closed for refurbishment so Austin hasn’t really been here…also everyone I used to come with has all their kids in school now.  Xperiment had only been re-opened a few day so we went to that part first…  I was a bit disappointed as most of the exhibits seemed to be the same just rearranged which must have cost a fortune for very little gain!  It didn’t look all sparkly new and the toddler part was very small with all of the same (and broken) toys as before just less of them!

Austin’s favourite part was the pipes…..

Some of the exhibits were not working …not sure if that is yet or already!  But I was glad to see they had kept my favourite part…..

We then went for a wander around the other parts before it was time to go get Caitlin and Noah from school….


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