The hoity toity angel!

This afternoon was Caitlin’s nativity play.  She was one of many many angels!  I think there were about 60 angels altogether!!!  But I think she made a gorgeous angel…..

The play was good and everyone remembered all their words.  Caitlin was so excited that we had come to see her and was cheekily peeping up out of the sea of angels to spot us…..

I missed the end as I had to go home to relieve Gemma who was watching Austin for us.  I had intended to take him with us but then was worried I might annoy the rest of the audience…as it turned out there were loads of toddlers there and it didn’t seem to worry anyone, so I’ll know for next year.  In fact most of the toddlers there were Austin’s friends from play group!  There are 5 children in reception with a sibling a month older or younger than Austin…and a few from other years in the school…

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  1. You just can’t ever tell with these things- if you take him and you’re the only one you look like an ass. If you leave them and there are loads of toddlers then you feel like an ass for following the rules. LOL at least that’s how it makes me feel! Glad Caitlin did well. Don’t they look adorable in their little costumes!

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