A little outing!

On Saturday I needed to go to town for a few last Christmas bits.  Caitlin was off to ballet and Noah wanted to know where he was going….which was nowhere…so I said he could come with me.  It meant there was a couple of things I couldn’t get but it’s rare I get to go somewhere alone with him…if ever I say I’m taking one they all end up coming with me.  We had a great day….we did some shopping, then Noah had his photo taken with Mr Potato head!!!!!!!!!!

He thought it was quite weird that he could see himself on the screen in front of him!  We then got some dinner and went to the markets!  They were hectic and not much fun really since I had let Noah pick a present for Caitlin for Christmas and he had picked angel wings so they were a bit big to be squeezing through crowds!  After we found the one thing we needed from the market we went back to the shops to swap a t-shirt for Austin which I managed to do without Noah even questioning what I was doing…..let’s hope he doesn’t recognise it on Christmas morning!!  Since he had been so good during all he shopping I let him choose some sweets….I think that was the highlight of his day…actually who am I kidding….it was most definitely the highlight of his day!  But on the way home he did say “I’ve had a lovely time just with you” which was very nice.

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  1. That is so sweet.

    You know i done the same last week with Rebecca , i feel with her at school and busy at weekends i never get time just with her . I was going alone but at the last second asked her if she wanted to come. We had a lovely time and stopped in starbucks for cake and tea .

    Happy Christmas to you all x

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