Christmas around the world

Today was Noah’s nativity play…which was Christmas around the world.  There were Spanish matador, Hawaiian dancers, African musicians, Chinese dragons, some shepherds….

…and Mary, Joseph and Jeanas!!!!!!! of course!!!!!

As usual in the nativity at Noah’s school there was also a good amount of chaos!!!

Their plays are brilliant!  His nursery is part of a special needs school and so the play is a big challenge with 30 two and three year olds…..and 30 children with varying special needs.  It needs to be seen to be appreciated (and this year there is a video which family will get to see) they all do so well and the teachers put so much effort into the costumes and making sure everyone is as close to position as possible.  There was one little girl in Noah’s class who sang every word of the songs on full volume…she was very cute and quite funny!!


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  1. love his costume! Did you make it yourself?

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