Father Christmas

We went to the Chill Factore to see Father Christmas after school.  Austin had to be dragged in to see him…he was terrified!!  Weirdly he loved the elf…was waving and saying see ya to her…but wouldn’t go near Father Christmas himself.  It was pretty poor really…I should have known  after last year….  His grotto was just a little room with a few Christmas trees that were on their last legs and a family of lit up deer outside!

Inside was also a bit of a disappointment.  Caitlin and Noah didn’t even get a turn at sitting next to Father Christmas to tell him what they wanted they just told him from a bench seat across the room from him.  They did get to go over for the photo.  Last year we were allowed to take our own photos but this year it wasn’t allowed “to protect the privacy of the grotto workers” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have never heard something so ridiculous!!!  Since when has a photo of Father Christmas even been identifiable??  He had a massive beard there is no way you could even see any of his face never mind invade his privacy!!!

After our poor visit to FC we went to play in the snow!  We all put a million layers on which seemed to work because no-one got too cold and after almost half an hour I had to drag them out!  They played with the foam shapes…

…slid down from a big snowplough….

…and on the slide!  I didn’t think Austin could do the slide but just after I took photos of Caitlin and Noah coming down I spotted Austin following behind!!!!

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