A mad mad weekend!!

We got up early on Saturday for a spare swimming lesson, they had missed a lesson a couple of weekends ago when they went to my Mum’s when we went out.  When we got to the swimming pool Noah told the receptionist that they were there for a spare swimming lesson…he then proceeded to tell her that it was cos they had been to Nanny’s…cos Mummy and Daddy had been to the pub!!!!!!!!!!  You can rely on Noah to embarrass you!!  The receptionist thought it was hilarious!!!!!  After swimming we headed back home and got changed for ballet lessons.  We dropped Caitlin off and then went to her school Christmas fair.  Noah and Austin did some Christmas colouring, decorated a biscuit and had a failed attempt at the tombola.  Richard then brought Caitlin from ballet and they all went to see Father Christmas while I helped on the Christmas crafts stall.

Caitlin and Noah told Father Christmas all their wishes for Christmas which is a campervan bed and a digger for Noah and a twizeling out dress and some new felt tips for Caitlin.  Austin thought Father Christmas was a very very scary man and refused to go near him!!!!!!!!  After the fair they headed off to Nanny’s again while we went to the greyhound racing…we won a few races but I doubt we were up at the end of the night but we probably only lost a couple of quid nothing daft! 

They weren’t at Nanny’s long as they had to be back the next morning for regular swimming lesson!  They both did really well at swimming.  Something appears to have clicked for both of them and Noah even did a little solo swim!  They both got their stage 1 sticker towards the level 1 badge.

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