Caitlin’s parents evening at school

After school I had a meeting with Mrs T Caitlin’s teacher to discuss her progress.  Mrs T said Caitlin had settled in really well at school and had made lots of friends.  She also said she was making great progress academically.  Caitlin is still getting a new book most nights and so is making her way through the books quite well and she is remembering all of the high frequency words that she comes across.  She is really quick with her letters and sounds and knows all the numbers she needs to at this stage.  Mrs T set Caitlin some maths and literacy targets although she said Caitlin can already do them but she needs to build up speed.  Her literacy target is to be able to spell the cvc words (the obviously spelt words like cat, sam, hat, dog etc) which she can do but sometimes she hesitates.  Her maths target is to be able to add and subtract 1 from a given number really quickly.

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